Quick Ways to Boost Motivation

Motivation plays one of the biggest roles in helping us achieve our goals. Without motivation, even the most disciplined person has trouble being successful. We all stumble at times, and it can be difficult to sustain the motivation we need to keep us moving in the right direction. Many challenges will arise that can crush your motivation if you let them. The difference between success and failure is being able to take whatever challenges come your way, and overcome them. Here are some quick ways to boost your motivation so you can start building some positive momentum to reach your goals.

A great way to give your motivation a jumpstart is to remember some achievements in your life. Think about a time when you overcame an obstacle to reach a goal. Vividly recall how great it felt when you pushed yourself past what was standing in your way, whether it was a lack of energy, focus, or passion. The more vivid the memory is, the greater impact it will have. This can also give you important insight of a way to push yourself through current obstacles that are standing in your way.

Another way to start building motivation is to do something small toward your goal. If you are dreading having to clean the whole house, just focus on doing one room. If you don’t feel like working out because of all the time and energy it requires, just do it for a few minutes. We often put something off because we become overwhelmed thinking about all the work it will require. If you can just push yourself to get started, usually this will build enough momentum to keep you going, and at least make some progress toward completing the goal.

A method that always helps me boost my motivation is to read about your goal. If you are trying to lose weight, do some reading about different workouts or diets. If you are trying to break a bad habit, read about success stories or methods other people used. There are support groups out there for almost anything you could imagine, and feeling like part of a group can help you accomplish more than you would by yourself. I find that as I read about my goal, it inspires me to take action. I gain energy and focus, both of which are key components of motivation.

Some people seem to never run out of motivation. These people become successful in whatever they do.  No matter what problems occur, they are always able to push through them and reach their goals. Something all these people have in common is a strong passion for what they are doing. They get excited just thinking about what they are working toward. They enjoy the journey, and don’t get discouraged if things do not go as planned. Although sometimes it seems impossible to develop a passion for things you have to do, you can still find some positives. Think about what benefits you will get by accomplishing a certain goal, instead of focusing on how hard it will be to get there. Visualize yourself having already achieved the goal, and think about how great it feels. Doing this regularly can keep you motivated over a long period of time, even when things start getting tough.

Take Action Now: Think about a past success you have had, and how accomplished you felt. Use this to help get you started on a small part of your goal. Even if the action doesn’t seem like it’s contributing very much, any positive momentum is better than none. You can build on this momentum much easier than if you had done nothing at all. If you are still having trouble getting started, do some reading about your goal. This could ignite your motivation to make some progress. Finally, think about all of the benefits of achieving your goal. Visualize how great it will feel, and use this to strengthen your passion.

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